Mr. Electric, the best electrical repairs in Birmingham, AL

Mr. Electric of Birmingham is a locally owned company. Mr. Electric of Birmingham is a fully bonded and insured company. Mr. electric is known for electrical repair work. Whether you need electrical repair service for your home or business, Birmingham has the solution for you. Our electricians have the license for the job. From electrical inspection to installation of energy-saving upgrades, we do the work with complete dedication and responsibility.

We also repair commercial electric services, and that includes electric panel and wiring installation. Whatever the size of your project may be, our expert technicians will handle it properly.

Our expert electrician will answer all your queries and questions, whatever you have. Giving the best customer support has made us the best electrical repairs in Birmingham, AL.

our safe and reliable service.

We believe in safe, professional work and that is why all our technicians wear uniforms and drive branded vehicles. Having a uniform and driving a vehicle helps in easily identifying our people.

In an emergency scenario, we can do a repair service. We are also ready to update the lighting in your kitchen, outdoor landscape, or backyard garden. Our customer service is world-class; people are satisfied with so much of our service.

Electrical safety

Electric system failure is a major reason for a house fire, and we at Mr. Electric Birmingham do an annual electrical safety inspection. We complete  check of the electric system, including surge protectors and GFI outlet operation.

We also have the solution for your safety issues as well as your energy costs.


We also do interior and exterior lighting for your home and office. We can install things like track lighting, spotlights, dimmers, ceiling fans, and motion detectors inside the house. Outside the house, we do landscape lighting for trees, fountains, and gardens. We do lighting that makes the place a beautiful place for day and night.


When you install an electric panel in your house, safety and low energy cost are your priority.

Power overloading can cause fire and burnout fixtures.  Mr electric of Birmingham can help prevent these issues by electric inspection of the distribution system and wiring. Once all the issues are resolved then we install the new equipment in your home to keep the home safe and energy-efficient.