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News has been the most relevant source of information ever since the beginning of civilization. A few decades ago, there were only a handful of sources from where we could acquire news. But today, in the age of the internet, an overwhelming flow of news can be seen all over the web. As a sure shot rule, where the quantity is more, the quality gets compromised. So is the case with the news. It becomes so difficult to choose between which news to believe and which not. The present scenario of news shows us the dire need of proper verification of news and that’s when Google reviews come handy.

A study reveals that fake news spreads 10 times as faster as genuine news. And when it comes to political news, it takes only a jiffy. In this election season, it’s inevitable that false news will do the rounds from both the ruling party and the opposition. It’s not unusual that a lot of naïve population will fall for one or the other fake news. But in a true democracy, every citizen has the right to know what is true. For everyone to get the right information it is important to go through the opinie google after every news article they go through. It would give them a balanced view of what is actually going on in the country.

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What steps have been taken to curb fake news?

It is thrilling to know how fake news has led to mob lynching, communal riots, and witch-hunting in recent times. Such a situation demands serious actions to be taken to check on fake news. The most popular online platforms have already taken steps against this crisis.

  • Facebook has launched a network that checks facts with dexterity.
  • Google’s News Initiative is another effort taken by the company to check on fake news.
  • Google Reverse Image Search is a tool that helps detect if an image is fake or has been manipulated.
  • Whatsapp has recently launched a checkpoint called Tipline which helps the followers verify whether the news is true or fake.

Fake news is news that has been manipulated to influence certain people in favor of or against something. The readers must be extremely cautious before buying into any news. Being alert and aware has never harmed anyone. Using some amount of common sense before believing in any information will go a long way. While adding one’s own opinion in Google review, one should again be extra careful. Every review added could positively or negatively influence a person reading the review. Hence, writing a good review will need a good amount of research and a responsible approach.