What are the advantages and disadvantages of wooden furniture? Learn it all here.

Although wooden furniture pieces’ advantages outweigh the disadvantages of it, however, its downsides should be overlooked at all considering that as a consumer and soon to be an owner of a wooden furniture piece, it is very important for you to learn its negative side so that you can assure that these will not manifest as you continue to use this type of furniture material.

Wooden furniture is elegant, timeless and extremely durable, however, it does not mean that it is exempted from the wear and tear effect of time especially when it is constantly used. To give you more information, here are the advantages and disadvantages of wooden furniture pieces that you have to learn courtesy of one of the best wooden furniture stores adelaide has.

  • Advantages

Highly durable – Known for its long-lasting and robust quality, wooden material is one of the best choices for anyone who wants longevity to their furniture piece. Regardless if you want to opt for hardwood or softwood, there will always be innate stability and reliability to a well-made wooden chair or a desk. The durability of wooden furniture pieces ensures you that it will always offer you excellent value for your money and its value can be maintained for many, many years. The durability of wooden furniture pieces ensures that it comes with easy maintenance, you can either wax or polish it to renew its beauty that is a totally undemanding process to make.

Elegant and timeless- Wood can add more beauty, elegance, and charm to any room, regardless if it is a light-colored wood or has a richer and darker color. When crafted with a skilled artisan, wooden furniture pieces can become a boundless potential for a design that brings innovation for further aesthetic allure to a piece of furniture.

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Very sustainable- If the wood is responsibly sourced and certified, wood represents an excellent option to promote sustainability, and also it is an ecological way to furnish a household. Wood is responsibly sourced and is actually one of the only renewable building material that can be used for different purposes. Trees that are harvested for its wood can be replenished by new growth and adding more, it is also environment-friendly because compared to other furniture materials used, wood leaves a relatively lesser carbon footprint.

  • Disadvantages

Needs to be polished and conditioned more frequently- They say that wooden furniture pieces do not require a lot of maintenance, however, it still requires some special care if you do not want its beauty to fade which is why constant polishing and conditioning is needed, but the substance used in it like wax and wood polishers can be bought easily, however, it is not entirely cheap.

Susceptible to scratches and staining- If you would notice wood furniture pieces are easily stained especially with glass rim stains, and it can be scratched also with sharp or blunt objects which can ruin the overall design of it.

Perfect prey of pests- Termites is the number one dread of wooden furniture pieces. If your house is inhabited with termites, there is a huge chance that it already broke through the internal parts of your wooden furniture and you can only tell the damage if it is already late knowing that termites eat wood from inside out compared to using terracotta pots.