Vietnam Visa on Arrival

If you intend to travel to Vietnam by flight than another alternative with a regular visa from the Embassy of the country, a cheaper alternative to the visa stamp is the visa which can be obtained on arrival. On being issued this kind of visa, one has the same privileges as the visa given by a consulate of the Vietnamese.

The paperwork for this kind of visa is far less than what you would have to deal with had you been employing an agent in your country before you took the flight. In this case, all one has to do is hire an agent in Vietnam to ensure that a letter of approval is obtained officially which you can then show at the visa on arrival counter at the airport. The individual will have to pay a certain fee which is $45 USD for 30 days. There is even a 30-day visa for multiple entries available at $65. With such a small fee, one can earn a Vietnam visa onarrivalfor their passport. Many agents will ask you to state your current nationality as a formality of the process.According to that,you’re eligible for certain visas.

The VOA agents charge a certain fee for such service also. It all depends on the service in question and on the agent. Many tour operators also offer price cuts to obtain approval letter for these kinds at reduced prices. The 3 month visa with multiple entries has many restrictions which many aren’t aware about. One must check before they decide to travel here.

Advantage of a Vietnam visa on arrival

The biggest advantage of choosing a Vietnam visa on arrival is that one doesn’t have to run around in their own country finding someone who can get their visa stamped for them. Most tour operators and agencies charge a hefty fee to get the work done. Having a Vietnam visa on arrival, one can enjoy easy entry into the country by getting their visa stamp when they make their way back. With such a simple, low cost process, one would definitely want to look at this option as a way of getting a visa stamp. Compared to the traditional way of getting a visa, this way is a much better alternative.

Disadvantage of a Vietnam visa on arrival

A big disadvantage of getting a visa on approval is mainly that the process at the airport can be quite slow. It can take anything from half an hour to 2 hours to get your process done.The airports in Vietnam are chaotic and there is no queue system here. The HCMC, for instance, is always bustling with people. It’s one of the busiest airports in the country and handles enough traffic for 2 airports. Sometimes, one can get stuck behind a huge group of tourists and the experience can be quite daunting.  During peak season, the process will easily take a lot of time, so be prepared. When there is no traffic, your Vietnam visa on arrivalprocess should be done in 15 minutes or so.


There is no surprise as to why so many people travelling to Vietnam have loved the Vietnam visa on arrival. For such a simple process, all one needs is a letter of approval which can be done by a Vietnamese agency. The fee charged in getting the Vietnam visa on arrival done is quite modest. Also, the entire process is far simpler that the traditional way of getting your visa. The only drawback or big problem that you will face is that in Vietnam, the airports are a messy affair to begin with. Some of the airports deal with traffic which they can’t handle. This can be a huge issue if you have time constraints. Given this disadvantage, one can expect that their process of Vietnam visa on arrival should take anywhere between 15 minutes to 2 hours. Some people get stuck for hours on end behind a travel group.

If you do plan to visit the place in summer season, be prepared for this in case you’re looking for Vietnam visa on arrival. When it isn’t peak season, the whole process is a lot smoother and won’t take much of your time. In fact, you will not have to deal with any hustle bustle, so the whole thing really depends on your matter of timing your arrival.