Tub-To-Shower Conversions Proceed to Grow in Popularity

Why are more and more owners looking for a bathroom to shower conversion? There is no doubt that this task of remodeling a bathroom is becoming increasingly popular. Now more than ever, people see all the benefits that come with this kind of change. There are three main reasons why owners want to make the transition. Some are looking for greater security for both them and their children. Some make these changes as needed because someone in the house needs easier access to the bathroom and all its amenities. And finally, others want to add value to their home.

Increased security

Did you know that almost 60% of injuries that occur in a house occur in a bathroom? More specifically, most of these specific injuries occur when a person tries to enter or leave the bath. Ironically, many of these people do not seek to swim. They try to step aside to use the shower on the wall.

With the conversion of the bathtub into a shower, owners immediately reduce the risk of injury when it is time to clean. Doors open easily, and there is no need to try to step on anything to enter. Instead, non-slip floors are often offered on the floors, and there are handles on the doors and the side so you can enter and exit. plain.

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Some people need a simple solution when it’s time to clean up. The idea of ​​stepping on a bath is not only complicated; This is not practical. While some people have the opportunity to slip, often older family members are more likely to fall due to how the bathroom is set up. People with disabilities may also have difficulty using these tools without much difficulty.

Instead, tub to shower conversion grand rapids makes this simple. No one needs to be around when it is time to go to the bathroom to clean. It is quite easy to open the door and intervene without losing balance and without overloading any part of the body. This means that many people can maintain their independence, as they can maneuver around their own homes and satisfy the needs of anyone closer.

Add value to the home

Converting a bath to a shower has an added advantage. In most cases, they add value to the house. More and more people see this type of bathroom as a convenience. When the time comes to sell, the real estate agent will indicate that this not only increases the cost but also makes the house more attractive for those who are looking for something simple and light in the bathroom.