Thinking About Buying A Pokemon Go Plus? Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should!

For those who do not know what Pokemon Go Plus is, Pokémon Go Plus is a small wearable device made to work with the Pokémon Go app on iPhone or Android smartphones. It provides a simple and easy way to catch Pokémon and collect items with a single click. With this device, you can also collect Pokémon Eggs, Pokémon Balls and other items at PokéStops without needing to check your phone. This article will give you reasons why you should get Pokemon Go Plus.

It will help you level-up faster

 Pokémon Go Plus can be set up to notify you when there is a  Pokémon within range. You can then click the device to try and catch it. The device will only shoot one Poké Ball, and the Pokémon will either be caught or run away. It also vibrates and will flash colors depending on the success or failure of your catching. The result of the activity will also be displayed on your phone.

For each catch, you can get 150XP and 25 XP for each miss. Not only that, as it can also give you significant amounts of candy you can use to mass-evolve low-cost Pokémon for 500 XP. All of that can also double up if, at the same time, you use a Lucky Egg.

It will help you get more items from PokéStops

 Pokémon Go Plus can also be set up to notify you when there’s a PokéStop within range, and then you can click to spin it. It spins the same as the app, and you can also get the same Pokémon eggs, revives, berries, potions, and evolution items faster and with lesser effort.

Thinking About Buying A Pokemon Go Plus? Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should!

Pokémon Go Plus can sometimes work slightly faster than the app does though ranges can vary a little. It can help you a lot if you’re in an area with a lot of PokéStops, or you are on a bus, or a passenger in a car, to keep up with all the spinning. This means more items to stockpile.

It will help you get the upper hand having two sources

Pokémon Go Plus functions independently from the app. Meaning, once the device is connected, you can play with the Plus and the app at the same time, getting two for one on multiple actions.

For instance, you can click to catch Pokémon with the Plus while spinning PokéStops with the app. You can also click-to-catch while evolving, which will otherwise lockout new spawns and have your screen locked up. Manual catching of Pokémon is the only time Pokémon Go Plus takes a rest.

It will give you freedom from your phone screen

In reverse, you can use Pokémon Go Plus without using the app. This means you can stay away from looking at your phone and keep your eyes and attention on other things– the street you are walking down, the people you are conversing with, and more. Keeping your head up is as good for your posture as keeping your eyes on the world around you is for your quality of life and safety.

Clicking will help you relieve stress

Like with stress balls and spinners, Pokémon Go Plus is meant to help occupy your fingers and soothe your stress levels, especially when you’re in an area with plenty of spawns to keep you and the device busy. When it vibrates, you click and do over and over again. Though It might seem annoying in the beginning, it will just become a routine enough to keep you occupied, but not too occupied.