Sail the seven seas after a survey

So you own a boat on the sunny coasts of Naples, Florida, but you think it’s about time to sell this one and get a better vessel, equipped with much more. But here’s the thing you can’t just put it on sale and say okay who wants it. There are farther things that must be done if you want to sell it. I mean how do you put a price on a ten year old boat without knowing any values? This is why you need to do marine vessel surveys in Naples, FL.

What is a marine vessel survey?

            This is basically an inspection of your boat, a surveyor will comb through every inch so they can determine the condition of the boat. They will look past the shiny clean boats and go deeper into their search. They will check the structure and cosmetic condition on the vessel, bearings, rudders, keels, and more. All of this is important as it identifies if it is up to safety protocols, as safety is the number on factor. Plus it tells you what you need to fix and update if you decide to sell, or plan to keep it with you.

The types of surveys?

            Now there are certain types of marine vessel surveys naples fl that you can get done if that is the only thing you need done. They are;

  • Damage inspection- here the extension of the damage is measured.
  • Condition and valuation for purchase and insurance- this is where everything gets done to max as it is up for sale.
  • Condition and valuation for just insurance- this is done to renew the insurance policy
  • Corrosion inspection- this is done in the water so they can tell whether the metal underwater is corrosive.
  • Appraisals- these are done due to taxes, donations, court cases, and such. At the end the fair market value is determined.

What will a survey cost?

            It is difficult to put an exact price on how much it will cost you because there are factors to consider like how big the boat is, and what kind of survey is getting done, and so on. For valuations and purchasing it can cost around $18-$26 per foot. Marine appraisals are about $300, corrosion testing is roughly $250. There are walk-through inspections which don’t cost a dime and there are also consultations charged by the hour. Honestly if you have the money to buy a boat you can surely afford to do a survey.