This is the Information Age, and Knowledge is the Key. But though we seem flooded with information, very little of it is real, or useful to us. The search for effective and valuable knowledge takes us to Search Engines (SE) on the Internet, many of which have access to unbelievably vast libraries of information. Even when gifted with a suitable Key, the search can still be long and arduous, as well as chancy.

The sets of solutions generated may be confusing, and the User left with an impossible task to select the optimal solution/s. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then comes to the rescue, and provides the Searcher with useful and real solutions. But application of SEO is as much an art as it is a complex science, and needs proper training. While there has been a recent proliferation of such courses in the Internet world, most of the courses offered are gimmicky if glitzy, and often downright unreal. But some special Teachers, in some unusual countries, such as EPIC in Vietnam, have pioneered an seo reality course that is causing ripples globally.

Course Features

The main features of the Course are:

  • Learning how to build one’s own website, from base up, using standard building blocks. The website must be equally friendly to Google and to the Users at the same time.
  • Create one’s own Keywords for the Website.
  • Prepare content that is at once easy to comprehend, smooth to navigate, immersive and attractive to the Visitors.
  • Learn about the operational advantages and manipulations of the latest Algorithms, as well as their inner workings.
  • Learn Offpage creation that is appropriate for both Vietnam and the World.
  • Deep understanding of SEO through working with numerous actual Case Studies to achieve feel for the subject.
  • The EPIC team strenuously works with the students at all times to make sure that they are armed with the very latest updates and developments in the field of SEO.


The seo reality course prepares the students to utilize every mental skill and knowledge fruitfully, in order to achieve the highest results of Optimization.