How to Use GDAX: Step-by-Step Complete Guide

Buying & selling cryptocurrencies on GDAX will look very intimidating, but actually it is one simple process. Continue reading through this guide to get the complete understanding of Coinbase Pro exchange as well as to learn how to trade the cryptocurrencies with no fees. The Coinbase Pro or gdax is the US-based asset exchange, which works in the cooperation with the Coinbase & Coinbase Pro is the beginner-friendly networks for exchanging the cryptocurrencies. They’re relatively very easy to use however they both provide the limited number of the cryptocurrencies; four to be precise (Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum).GDAX vs. Competition We have reviewed the popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Here we will show you how the GDAX stacks the competition.

Well Trusted & Secure Exchange Company

This company is operating from 2012 as well as has received more than $200 million in the venture capital funding. And in its 5+ years of the operation, the fully gained trust of both cryptocurrency community & major investors. You can combine it with the industry leading safety and you will feel highly safe using the GDAX to trade on cryptocurrency.

Less Trading Fees

The GDAX makes use of the maker-taker schedule that will be seen in complete detail here. Maximum trading fee that you will pay is around 0.3%. It is lower or competitive with other major exchanges.

Liquid Markets

The GDAX consistently has daily trade volume and close to this for the Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin to the USD trade pairs. It eliminates any kind of risk of slippage for vast majority of the investors.

Limited Payment Methods

Not like Coinbase, you cannot use credit cards over GDAX. Just the bank transfers as well as bank wires will be accepted for depositing the fiat currency, on a plus side, in case you create the GDAX account, you will have the Coinbase account to buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin with the credit and debit card.