Have your secret life virtually now on android

Just imagine how fun would it be if we could have a secret life, A world where we live our life on our own terms and do whatever we like. In reality this seems quite impossible but it can be available online, virtually. The VR (virtual reality) games available online are one of the most amazing ways to do so. It’s easy to install and have very interesting and easy user interface. Anyone can play it from anywhere unlike earlier when these games were available only on personal computer, now they can be played on the sims 4 on android too. These games keep on upgrading themselves and have multiple challenges and tasks for ensuring full user satisfaction.

the sims 4 mobile

Let’s see how can we download the games:

  1. Search virtual reality games online and click on the sims4 on android.
  2. Scroll down and one can see the download now button.
  3. Androids will ask permission for search engine to download file from unknown sites.
  4. Click on ok and click download.
  5. The file would be downloaded and installed. Then open it.
  6. Find the settings for creating own avatar.
  7. There are numerous options available to create own avatar and after creation, we are ready to go.
  8. There are inbuilt commands through which one can change the looks and appearances of the avatars. One can get a new hairstyle or even a new tattoo for the avatar.
  9. The latest update available has options for upgrading the skills and level of challenges.
  10. One can even take a longer term generation challenge which would comprise of running the future generations of the avatar.
  11. There are other challenges in the game and each challenge is accompanied by a reward. With the increase in levels the game becomes more interesting.

These avatars are able to show more emotions and will act on the user’s command. One can decide the events like date, marriage, parties etc in the game. Using simple commands the various tasks can be completed and thus the game would proceed.

With the advent in technology, these VR games have become one of the most interesting games to play and are widely being used and thus provide an escape from the hustle bustle of life. Hence one can download the games now by using these simple steps and avail the wonderful experience.