Extending your Systems Life with HVAC Maintenance

Your air conditioning system is an investment. The starting price may seem intimidating, but these modern systems are designed for years to come. HVAC companies preach service plans because the better you care about your system, the more time it will be available and the more time it will work efficiently. Owners can do many things to ensure the maximum lifespan of their system.

Tips to keep your system running at maximum efficiency:

Change the filter regularly

Filter replacement is the easiest way to keep your system clean. However, this is often overlooked, as owners tend to forget. Filters are economical and available in almost any hardware store. Replacing the filters in your system will not take much time and will significantly improve indoor air quality. If you have any questions about what filter size you need, your hvac maintenance chicago provider will likely have this information on your system. As a rule, it is recommended to change the filter every 1-3 months.

Keep grills and vents clean

Sometimes the smallest thing can make your system work. This is why service can be so important. Cleaning the vents prevents accidental debris from entering the air ducts of your home. The accumulation of dust inside your system can imbalance your fan. When your system fan is out of balance, it can cause unwanted noise and reduce the efficiency of the entire system.


Keep return and supply records open and unlocked

Be careful when closing and locking parts of your system. Being biased, this can have a significant effect on the balance of your system. Your system is designed to be balanced, and often, when part of your system is closed, it is prone to mold (which poses a big risk to the health of you and your family).

Remove any residue from the outdoor condenser unit.

Especially during the fall, the debris and leaves of the trees that clog the coils of your unit can cause great chaos. Be sure to check your system often and clean it of all contaminants. This task can also be completed in the spring. Be sure to pay special attention to the bushes and tree branches.

Oven cleaning and inspection

While these five tips can and will make a difference, we highly recommend having a qualified technician inspect and configure your system annually. It is recommended to check the oven in the fall and in the spring to check the air conditioning. The worst time to see your system is when it is already broken.