All About Tissue Expansion Plastic Surgery

Technology is growing in every field no matter what and helping a lot of people with many things,and one of the thingshelping people is plastic surgery. Mainly plastic surgery is seen with tissue expansion plastic surgery. Have you ever come across this word? If not, let get into it; it replaces tissue on the lost skin. Let us discuss some essentials related to this surgery.

All you should know about the surgery

Generally, it is used in breast reconstruction. It is helping a lot of people who have some missing skin as it replaces the skin perfectly and fits up into it, sometimes hair also start growing on the skin which makes it look more real there are many more methods, but this method is suggested by a lot of doctors and has cured a lot of people. There are multiple surgeries required and are done to fulfil the process,and it is important to perform all the steps during different surgeries as a small mistake can lead to further discomforts, and this surgery may take longer than the other surgeries.


There are different methods by which different doctors perform the tissue expansion plastic surgery and the best steps performed by Aviv plastic surgery that have been started as one of the best plastic surgeons as they perform the best and have performed a lot of plastic surgery helped a lot of people. So the steps that they perform are:

  • First, local anaesthesia is given to the patient not to feel the access pain during the surgery.
  • Then they create a small incision close by the area of treatment.
  • The expander is placed faithfully to avoid any mishandling.
  • Then it is poisoned and filled to half with slime.
  • The expander has a filling valve that is then closed to the skin surface.
  • Then the small incision that was made is closed with some small structures to increase the surface area.


After knowing and understanding about tissue expansion surgery and its steps, you know all about it and can take the process whenever needed from the best surgeon.