5 Essential Tips When Buying a Car

The thought of buying a new car can be exciting and at the same time daunting. It is not as simple as buying a pair of jeans in a mall, you have to deal with a pushy, overbearing car salesman that can sometimes be frustrating. This kind of hassle often leads people to avoid buying a car. Most of them prefer doing diligent car maintenance checks and consolidate their travel to save gas for them to keep their vehicles as long as they can.

But no matter how stressful buying a car is, at some point in time, you have to face the inevitable reality of purchasing one. Perhaps because your car got old and it can’t function well.

The good news is, this article will help you in buying a new car by providing you the tips and advice to save money, get the best deals and reduce the hassle involved in buying new cars.


Knowledge is power, and this holds the same in purchasing cars. Don’t make a fool put yourself in going to a car lot without first researching the car that you want to buy. Do your homework and start your search engine running, you can do more research and read opinions and articles about purchasing a new car at carzing.com. This is also the same if you plan to buy used cars, do some research about the recent resale prices for that specific car model. This will allow you to gain some valuable information that you can use as leverage or bargaining power.

Check the Pre-financing Options

A lot of people obtain financing from various car dealership, however, this is not ideally responsible. It is because the dealership interest rate is typically higher compared to the loan rate obtained from banks. The best place to start your search for car loan rates is your bank and credit unions, you can get relatively large discounts such as “relationship discounts”, and this is only available in your banks. You can always entertain an offer from a car dealership but make sure that you get some quotes from any financial institution. Put this quote into writing and then present it to the authorized sales agency near you, this is a great way to negotiate and bargain a lower interest rate.

Shop around

This should come next to research before you buy your car, it is important that you shop around. Make sure that you walk out of at least one dealership, this way you will always be aware of their rock-bottom price that is often given to you before leaving. You can also check other options like an out-of-town car dealership.


Buying a car does not end with a fixed price and your cash. More often, it could either be a chess match or a war. Owning a car is one of the biggest investments that you can make in life, it is a huge financial commitment that you will be paying off for the next four or six years.

Salespeople can take advantage of you if you’re not careful, always make sure that you take command and don’t let them take you for granted.

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